Thinkspace is my personal pensieve — a second brain, digital garden, or tool for thoughts — that I wish to grow as I become older and, hopefully, wiser.

It's a window towards how I think. A peek at how I process information. Also, a sight of what makes me wonder.

Top of mind

This wiki might be confusing to navigate. So if you want to start somewhere, here’s what I currently think about deeply often.

Well Connected Ideas

New Connection

Fleeting Notes

Questions that pop up randomly which need further investigation

What do the symbols mean? I tried to codify different kinds of notes in the ※ Notes Index.

Who am I?

Here, I tried to be as true to my Tenets and Interest as possible.

Professionally, I might be known as a product designer. I'm trying to free myself from being bound by my published identity and distance myself from being defined as one particular thing.